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St. Philomena Elastic Rosary Bracelet

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Saint Philomena is one of the 4 Patrons of Desperate Causes. She is also the patron saint of babies and girls. The Chaplet of Saint Philomena commemorates the virginity and martyrdom of this 13-year-old saint who bravely stood up to an emperor to protect her chastity, promised to God. When the emperor wanted to torture her publicly, the angels miraculously protected her against him. All in front of the Roman people who, seeing all these miracles, were converted.It consists mainly of 13 red beads (10 howlites and 3 crystals) that symbolize his martyrdom, 3 white jades, symbolizing her virginity ... and includes the unique “twist” of Devozioni by Krystalos in stones such as faceted crystals, hematites, etc., that Tells her miraculous story. It also includes enameled metals and the original Italian medal of Saint Philomena with Saint John Mary Vianney on the back, who was the author of the litanies to this great saint. Historical explanatory included.
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