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St. Sebastian Elastic Rosary Bracelet

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You know the San Se festivities ... but do you know where they come from? Well, they come from a Puerto Rican tradition that starts from the devotion to San Sebastián Mártir. This Saint is known as the "Saint of the Double Crown", because in defense of the faith he suffered martyrdom ... twice! He is also the patron of the SPORTSMEN together with San Cristóbal. Learn more about their history with this historic rosary bracelet ... and share their devotion.The rosary bracelet is made with faceted crystals and genuine semi-precious stones such as dyed howlites, hematites and "riverstone. Enameled metals and authentic Italian medal of Saint Sebastian the Martyr. Each element of this bracelet alludes to symbolisms and important facts about the history of the Life of Saint Sebastian the Martyr Explanatory brochure in color included.
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